Miranda Kerr: Youngest model from Australia

Miranda May Kerr was born on April20, 1983, and she is an Australian model. Kerr also became a Secret Angels of Victoria in 2007. Kerr was also first Australian Secret model by Victoria and also represented Australian department store chain known as David Jones. Kerr has also launched her very own brand known as KORA Organics, which is related to organic skincare products and also has written a self-assistance book.

The all famous miranda kerr started modeling in the fashion industry when she was just thirteen after winning Dolly magazine model search competition in 1997. Since 2008, Miranda has steadily ranked on Forbes list of earning models.

miranda kerr.jpg

Kerr was born in the provincial capital of NSW, Sydney; however, she was raised in Gunned. She is the daughter of John Kerr and Therese. She has a brother, named Matthew, who is 2 years younger than her. In an interview, Kerr said that her ancestry is commonly English with smaller amounts of French and Scottish. During her babyhood, miranda kerr rode horses and raced motorbikes on the farm of her grandmother. She describes her early life in Australian countryside as “grounding … there was not any affectation and nobody really cared what you were tiring. You can just be you.”

Her family was moved to Brisbane to permit Kerr and her brother to practice city life. She graduated from in 2000 from All Hallows’ School. Kerr also studied health and nutrition psychology before pursuing the career in modeling. At age 13, miranda kerr entered and won 1997 Impulse model/Dolly magazine competition. She went to Sydney a week before her fourteenth birthday to shoot for a magazine. Upon the win of Kerr, local media stated concerned outrage at her very young age. The controversy raised concerns about glorification of young girls within beauty, fashion and entertainment industries.

We love Miranda showing off her engagement ring in Sydney. Check it out below.



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